What is and What is NOT a valid Card

If you hit GENERATE CARD in the eLicensure Portal and do not have a STATUS, ISSUE and EXPIRATION DATE you do not have an issued valid security officer registration.

Once issued, the fields will populate and you will receive an email notice alerting you that your VALID card can be generated.



  1. So I’m starting a new security company I’m am in the process of segmenting my application so my question is I took the two 8 hr class and the armed class at frc and passed all of them he summit it to you on the portal and said my blue card will come in the mail that was in August so what do I need to do to get my blue card?

    • Unfortunately, the website is not the place for this conversation. Please call the office and choose extension 8. We are happy to assist.

  2. I was hired by Thomas Protective on 1Aug 2018.I went to Dav Tac in Bossier for 3 days and passed my firearms training.I was put to work after completing Blue Form and also getting my prints done and giving them to Shreveport office.Also application filled out on portial.I was given blue temp card by Monica Johnson that included gun instructor:s license#.Five months later in Jan,I found out Thomas had not even sent my prints to Baton Rouge and for me to send them to Baton Rouge.On my account it shows Provisional Status,but I have been working armed for last 10 months.A lot of stuff on my portial does not add up.

    • You should never have been given a Blue Temp card after June 1, 2018. It does not add up because your company is not following the process or the law. Call the State Board and speak with Stephanie Richardson at extension 217.

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