State Board Recognition and Medal Program

As we have said in the past, there is never a time when an agency or industry is truly prepared to deal with harm and loss.  This is particularity so in the areas of Police, Fire, EMS and Security.   Nevertheless, as we come to grips with the impact of violence to our industry professionals and our citizens it is important to take the steps required to recognize their service, their successes and in hard times, their sacrifices.  To that end, we have activated our Recognition and Medal program, as recent tragic events have once again shaken our industry and awakened our collective senses to the realities of the job that security practitioners face each and every day.


This recognition is designed to address those who are involved in an event that places them in grave danger while in the line of duty.


This recognition is designed to address those who are engaged in an instance of grave danger to themselves or others in which their actions are clearly heroic while in the pursuit of thwarting a significant threat to human life.  It may involve injury to the officer that is non-life threatening.


This recognition is designed to honor those individuals who are severely or fatally wounded while in the course and scope of their employment.  This line of duty commendation is the highest of all State Board recognitions, and is distinguished from the Medal of Valor and the Combat Cross by the severity and magnitude of injuries sustained.  It is the only award that may be presented posthumously.

It is our sincerest desire to take any and all necessary steps to acknowledge those whom we license for their dedication and personal sacrifices to the security industry.


  1. Awesome idea. I had always hoped someone would come along and put in place something like this. Is there a nomination process, maybe from individuals or companies? It would be great too if the board designed and offered a security officer badge just as the state board of private investigator examiners does.

    • Designing a state badge is an interesting idea. Many companies have their own designs, but there is interesting merit to uniformity. We will look into this.

      • Definitely second the idea of a uniform badge, with the exception it stands out clearly from LEOs. A silver for unarmed gold for armed distinction could also be useful, considering its state issued it could determine at a glance whether that person should be armed or not.

        • Thank you! We agree with this wholeheartedly. That is exactly what we have conceived. Sliver on Gold and Gold on Silver. Very distinct, but very complimentary.

  2. I actually received all three 16 years, 2 months and 3 days ago.
    I was a certified police officer. And I owned armed security enforcement service company. In that dreadful encounter, armed gunmen entered the nightclub pointing loaded semiautomatics and revolvers. Shots rang for what seemingly for hours. I was outgunned and alone. I was confused as to how this tragedy came to be with three other non-affiliated patrol guards onsite. One was stationed as a Bouncer outside the door and Two uniformed guards inside the annex.

    During this active shooter response, the suspects were fatally wounded at the scene. Several event participants were injured, treated, and released after receiving medical treatment.

    I didn’t feel like a hero. I preserved the scene. Gave my statement to the detective and released my weapon into evidence. I was placed on administrative leave pending outcome of a grand jury. After 45 days and two additional interviews the grand jury came back with a NO Bill.

    A lot of people don’t know anything about the security profession. When they see us in the field, they see in their minds minimally trained employee working for minimal wages.

    But most security professionals, like myself, are Prior military, police officer, firemen, and correctional officer. Others are Homeland Security Specialist, Military Specialist, Instructors, and Operator.

    So it is good to be honored for the line of defense that we protect and maintain. I’ll be the first to say it. Yeah, we back the blue too.

  3. I have been trying to get certify for a security job but the state denied me. I have a charge but that was in 1996. And im still getting denied, what can i do to get certify?

  4. Could be too that you have an outstanding traffic warrant through EBRSO from 2017…Might be you, might not be…Good luck!

  5. Awards and recognition is an important aspect of any profession.
    The fact that a state regulatory agency has this in place is fantastic. It shows that they care and understand the dangers of this industry and our frontline officers.
    Private Officer International is celebrating our 15th annual security officer awards program this month.

  6. Im on board. Bringing organization and honor to a profession that is commonly looked at as being rejects from the enforcement agencies goes a long way into not only attracting talent that may go into those industries, but providing a great opportunity for those officers who are the security industry to know that their hard work and sacrifices would be recognized not only by their company owners and peers but by the governing body that regulates the industry.

    Great Job!

  7. Mr. Fabian

    I am starting a new company Grays Guardian Protective Services, LLC. I have submitted everything and my background is clear. I am the owner of the company and Id like to see if I would be able to schedule to take the Qualifying Exam. Would I have to come to Baton Rouge to take the exam?

    • You need to be communicating with the Section Chief of Licensure. If you have not applied for a license with this agency you have not done what is needed. Call 225-272-2310 and ask to speak with Wendy or Bridgette.

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