The Private Security Industry in Louisiana is governed by La. R.S. 37:3270 – 3299, Private Security Regulatory and Licensing Law.

You can view our Rules here.  Bookmark the link or save the .PDF file to your device. You can also do a search using CTRL+F which will bring up a text field where you can type the term you are looking for to locate it in the document (i.e., “training” or “inspection”).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our most common customer questions are answered here. If your question is not answered here, please email us ( or call (225) 272-2310.

Last Updated: 03/08/2019

I want to start my own company. What do I need to do & what is required?

Before you submit an application to the State Board, make sure you meet the basic qualifications and suitability prerequisites to be considered for a license.  Our compliance staff fully vets all applications and applicants.  The final agency determination rests with the Executive Secretary and any license denials may be appealed to the full Board.

The first step should be to contact the State Board and discuss your plans for the name of your company.  There are over 400 active security companies in Louisiana and you do not want to fall into the trap of registering a company name with the Secretary of State only to learn that a company with the same or similar name exists, possibly has had bad reviews, bad press, or has been sanctioned by the Board.

The best approach is to contact us here at the Board and investigate your proposed company naming scheme first!

– Per state law, all applicants who will hold the license must be U.S. citizens of legal age who are of good moral character.  See the details of “Qualifications of licensee” R.S. §3276.A – G here.
– An applicant or qualifying agent for a security business shall have three (3) years of consecutive experience as an employee, manager, or owner of a security company, or three (3) years of experience as a law enforcement officer with any federal, state, local, or U.S. military law enforcement agency.
— Anyone who intends to hold the company license (be considered an owner) who does not meet the experience requirement will not be allowed to apply.
— If you or your business partners do not meet these qualifications you are ineligible and should not make an application to the Board for a license.  Application and fingerprint fees are non-refundable.

How do apply for my security guard registration and affiliate with a company on the eLicensure portal?

The eLicensure Portal can be accessed here. Follow the online instructions or call us with any questions (225-272-2310).

How do I receive a company, qualifying agent, or instructor application packet?

Contact the Board and speak with the Company & Instructor License Section at (225) 272-2310, ext. 223 and we will guide you through the process.

How many fingerprint cards must accompany a company or qualifying agent application? How many fingerprint cards must an instructor provide for an application?

Two (2) fingerprint cards per applicant are required.

The fingerprint cards must be FBI-type cards, which can be obtained from the Board office and must be accompanied by the Louisiana State Police Authorization and Disclosure forms (available here).

The fee for fingerprints is $48.00.

How can a company obtain fingerprint cards from the Board office?

Cards may be requested via phone or email. Fingerprint cards are sent in sets of 25. Any requests for 100+ of the same form must be by written request via email to

What is the minimum general liability insurance a company or instructor must have?

Company: General liability coverage of a minimum of $1,000,000.00 with the State of Louisiana named as Additional Insured and that has minimum coverage of $1,000,000.00 for endorsements of Errors and Omissions and Care Custody and Control. A copy of the entire insurance policy must be submitted to the Board office at the time of application and upon renewal of general liability insurance.

Instructor: General liability coverage of a minimum of $1,000,000.00 with the State of Louisiana named as Additional Insured if the instructor is an outside instructor. If the instructor is working for a company and is an in-house instructor, a letter from the company is needed indicating the instructor is covered by the company’s insurance.

How do I verify security officer training?

Use the Public Lookup in the online portal ( to find the security officer you are looking to verify.

If the guard you look up is listed as Unarmed, or Armed with a caliber designation, the guard is trained and their background is clear. There is no need to call and verify anything further.

Can a company representative or instructor fax documentation to the Board office?

Only when directed by a member of the LSBPSE staff to do so. All other documentation must be in original form.

Does a security officer receive their permanent registration card if they are not working for a licensed company?

No. A security officer must be active with a licensed contract security company to receive a permanent registration card from the eLicensure portal.

Can security officers get a copy of their training?

Yes. The new portal ( has a training transcript feature.

If the training is not listed there, let us know. We will populate the training to allow a report to be run.

If a security officer has been registered with another company do we have to send fingerprints in on them?

Not in all instances.

Verify with the Board that the security officer has been printed after May 2011 and cleared. If so, the applicant does not have to submit new prints.

Note, however, that due to additional tracking of the applicant background the Board still requires the $10.00 admin fee. This makes the application for a re-applicant $50.00 total when they have been printed for the State Board and cleared.

Does an applicant need to send a Fingerprint Authorization Form and Disclosure every time fingerprints are sent?

Yes, they do.

However, since the forms are now uploaded into the portal during the application process they should not be sent or mailed to the Board any longer.

When does the LSBPSE issue a permanent security officer registration card?

LSBPSE issues the permanent registration credential after:

* All required training is completed.
* The certificates of training are received and processed by the Board office.
* The background check is cleared.

Can a security officer work for more than one company at a time?

Yes. They simply must be registered by each company for which they work.

How long is a security officer’s registration card valid?

The permanent registration card is valid for two (2) years from the date of hire listed on the application.

How many days does a company have to reinstate a security officer that has been terminated?

A company can reinstate a security officer sixty (60) days after termination.

To reinstate a security officer, a company must submit a reinstatement form and a fee of $20.00.

What kind of training is required for a security officer in Louisiana?

A security officer must receive 1st and 2nd eight (8) hours of classroom training from a state-licensed instructor totaling sixteen (16) hours. The 1st eight (8) hours is due 30 days from the date of hire and the 2nd eight (8) hours is due 60 days from the date of hire.

An armed security officer must receive the initial firearms training from a state-licensed instructor prior to standing an armed post in addition to the sixteen (16) hours of classroom training. The officer must be trained with the weapon that will be carried on post.

How long is training valid?

Classroom training remains valid if the security officer remains actively working in the security business. If there is a three (3) year absence in performing security work, all sixteen (16) hours of classroom training have to be retaken.

Firearm retraining must be performed every year within 1 year from the last date of training.

If this is not done, the security officer may complete the abbreviated refresher training if it is done within sixty (60) days of the expiration date of their last certification. After sixty (60) days, the officer must complete the full initial firearms training course. During this time the officer must be unarmed and upon completion of the refresher a change of status and fees must be submitted to the Board. See updated policy here.

What firearms are regulated by the state and can be carried by a security officer?

Weapons regulated by the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners are:

* .38 Revolver
* .357 Revolver
* 9mm Semi-Automatic
* .40 Semi-Automatic
* .45 Semi-Automatic
* Shotgun
* Rifle (must have approval from Board’s executive secretary)

Once a security officer with a criminal record is cleared to work will they always be cleared?

The record remains cleared as long as there are no new arrests or updates to the security officer’s rap sheet that adversely affect employment or eligibility.

Can a security company receive information about an arrest record of an employee?

No, not from the LSBPSE.

Can a security officer be employed/registered if they were denied while employed with another company?

No. The security officer must submit sufficient documentation to the Board office and have their record cleared before working.

How is a company notified of audits?

Routine Audit: A subpoena is sent, via certified mail, from the Board and the company is scheduled for inspection fifteen (15) days after receipt of notice.

Complaint Audit: An audit that stems from a complaint on a company requires only three (3) days notice before scheduling an inspection.

Investigative Audit: Requires no advance notice.

What records are required to be retained by the company per La. Admin. Code tit. 46 § LIX-803?

(a) Current residence and phone number on all registrants
(b) Copy of application submitted to the Board
(c) Copy of all training verification submitted to the Board (if the company is responsible for having security officers trained)
(d) Copy of registration card issued by the Board
(e) Copy of termination (if applicable)

How long is a company required to retain their records for security officers?

Licensee is required to keep on file all Board-required documents on each registrant in their employment for three (3) years from date of termination.

How often are audits conducted?

There is no specific time for routine audits.

New companies are allowed 12-18 months to operate prior to an audit, unless an investigative audit needs to be performed or an audit is ordered by the Board.

When will a company be notified of the results of an audit?

Generally within thirty (30) days after the completion of the audit review.

What happens when a company issues a check to the Board office that has been returned marked as NSF?

A letter is sent to the company by certified mail. The company has ten (10) days to replace the check with two (2) money orders or cashiers checks:

1) One to cover the $50.00 fine
2) One in the amount of the NSF check

If a company has two (2) NSF checks, they must pay only with a money order or cashiers check for a period of one year.

Why should a cover sheet be submitted for each packet sent to the Board office?

(a) The cover sheet creates a written record of your submission.
(b) The cover sheet assures that the records are accounted for in the way you intended.

How often are board meetings held?

Board meetings are held at least once a quarter. Other meetings, such as committee or special meetings, may be scheduled at any time.