INSTRUCTORS: No Certification = No Training

If you are a State Board licensed firearms instructor, you MUST at all times be in possession of three things in order to teach for the Board:

  1. Current/valid certification instructor certification for each type of weapon
    • Pistol/Revolver
    • Rifle
    • Shotgun
      • A pistol certification from NRA does not authorize you to teach AR-15 or Shotgun
        • NRA has specific Rifle and Shotgun certifications that must be obtained and maintained to teach these specific equipment and skills
  2. Current State Board Firearms Instructor License
  3. Current general liability and errors and omissions insurance policies that clearly cover teaching firearms

Submitting training certifications to the Board that present security officers as having been properly certified with a weapon, when the instructor of record does not possess a valid instructor certification and license can result in suspension, revocation, fines and possible criminal penalties.

Instructors licensed by the Board should already be abundantly familiar with all aspects of Board rule and law.  If there is any confusion, ambiguity or any question(s) about this notice, whether you are an instructor, guard or industry administrator, please do not hesitate to call 225-272-2310 and press Ext. 8.



  1. i payed a instructor to do my firearm refresher. and it still hasn’t updated or he hasn’t put it in. what are my options?

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