Firearms Refresher Training Policy and Procedure

LSBPSE Order 18-002 Firearms Refresher Policy

Effective immediately, the Board will accept a firearms refresher course, which takes less time to complete and can be done at a reduced cost, for a period of up to sixty (60) days—in full satisfaction of the firearms refresher requirement.



  1. Dear Fabian
    Troy Brooks instructor 564 of Dtc , I have 3 invoices that have not been paid by vets securing American. Please help me with this matter they avoid.

  2. How can i find out about my commissions from about 20+ years ago . Was wanting to go back to work as a security officer . My boss passaways years ago is there still a record of my firearm commision. My name has changed since then.

    • Nothing form that long ago would still be valid. Visit the licensure portal, create an account and apply to the company with which you plan to work.

  3. I’m a licensed armed guard in New Orleans and someone just told me that there’s a new ordinance for the firearms certification where instead of re-certifying yearly we can now re qualify every 2 years. I’m following the state board on social media and never heard that before. Can you clarify this area?

    • That is incorrect. Firearms re-qualification is and has always been annual. Where is this misinformation coming from?

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