Know The Rules

Know The Rules Before It’s Too Late

LSBPSE inspectors are out across the state conducting spot checks on various sites that employ the services of private security contractors.  The results of these inspections have resulted in an uptick in the issuance of CEASE & DESIST ORDERS from the State Board.  Avoid having your company negatively effected by assuring that your license is in order, and that your security officers are registered, trained and firearms certified, where applicable.

Failure to comply will result in fines, some of which can be rather significant.  It is easier and less expensive to be in compliance than it is to run a company outside the boundaries of state law.  Moreover, the ability to secure proper insurances can diminish in the face of actions taken against a company’s license.

If you have questions about the status of your organization with respect to regulatory compliance, call 225-272-2310 for assistance.


  1. Hi can you please send me a copy of the rules and regulations governing the amount of hours a day a security officer can work armed and behind the wheel of a vehicle

    • Our rules are posted on the site under Laws & Rules. However, you will find that a topic such as shift duration is not contained in that body of law. I would recommend that you contact the Louisiana Workforce Commission for additional insight on labor regulation. Nevertheless, this is something that we may very well include in our next sequence of rule revisions–so long as there exists a firm legal basis that supports doing so. Great Question!

      • The link to the posted rule says….”PDF” however the link is to a Word Document – forcing the public to purchase Microsoft Word to view the document. Can you Click SAVE AS and select PDF and repost the PDF document?

          • Hi if this is Mr fabian blache answer me this how long does the state give you to get commissioned while employed with a company? And can you get a commission license on your own, not working for a company?

          • I am still in the process of clarifying what you mean when you say “commissioned”. Our agency credential is a registration card for security officers. Presently, companies are “licensed”. New Orleans has a special officer commission that is required for ARMED officers. Is this the commission to which you are referring?

          • I am not certain what you mean by “commission license.” If you are referring to a New Orleans Special Officers Commission, you don’t automatically get paid for simply holding the credential. You get paid for the work you do as a state credentialed private security officer. For which company do you (or did you) work?

    • Every person functioning as a security officer in Louisiana must be properly registered with a licensed security company.

      • Hi Mr. B it’s Danica, we met at Walgreens on canal, I was the one who had all the questions.Lol. Anyway can you send your email? I need to ask you a professional question about Homeland Security. Thanks!

  2. Is it possible to hold a security license for 2 different companies?one company has me working part time and another company wants to hire me part time.can I work for both at the same time?

    • You can be dual affiliated (dual append) with two companies. But under our current structure the two companies must allow for you to do so.

  3. Is there a time frame for the processing of security guard applications? And am I reading correctly that the total license cost is around $90?

    • Registrations for security officers cost $88.00. Processing time is contingent on factors such as, how long it takes the company to submit the paperwork and how long it takes to run prints, get them back and review the findings.

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