Surge Response Policy During a Disaster Declaration

Governor Edwards Declaration 104-JBE-2017-State-of-Emergency-Tropical-Storm-Harvey.

Last June the Board established an updated guidance on how to handle surge security personnel from outside Louisiana.  That document can be found HERE.

§3274. Powers, duties, authorities, and responsibilities; meetings; quorum

The Board shall:

A (11) When a state of emergency has been declared in this state pursuant to R.S. 14:329.6, authorize the operation of out-of-state private security businesses within the state and the use of its employees within the state for the duration of the state of emergency or for a stipulated amount of time after declaration of the state of emergency, not to exceed thirty days from the last day of the declared state of emergency, if the private security business:

(a) Is licensed in another state in which the qualifications, insurance, training, and other similar requirements are at least equal to those required under this Chapter.

(b) Has notified the board that they intend to operate in the state and submits all information requested by the board.

For questions concerning this guidance call 225-272-2310 Ext 8.


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