Contract Security Industry Leaders’ Round-table

(Fort Lauderdale, FL)  February 6 – 8, 2018

The executive director of the National Association of Security Companies (NASCO) in Washington, DC has asked State Board Executive Director, Fabian P. Blache III, to speak at the NASCO Industry Leaders’ Roundtable being held at the Fort Lauderdale Ritz on February 7-8.  NASCO wants Louisiana to participate in a panel/presentation/discussion on the use of out of state security officers during natural disasters, and a panel on unlicensed activity.  According to Mr. Steve Amitay, who is the executive director and general counsel of NASCO “Attendees are the top executives and counsels of the major contract security companies nationwide.”

Mr. Blache said that he is deeply honored to represent the LSBPSE before NASCO, and considerably pleased with the momentum the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners continues to develop on the national stage in our industry.

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