IASIR Conference Las Vegas

The IASIR conference in Las Vegas, Nevada enjoyed strong turnout and a very robust few days of presentation and discussion related to Private Security and Private Investigative regulation.  Louisiana was well represented. Board members Ed Robinson, and Wilbert Sanders were there along with Board Chair Ms. Marian H. Pierre.


The focus was Homeland Security and there was considerable discussion about background checks and the efficacy of psychology testing. Louisiana contributed to the sessions on Credentialing, Fraud and Investigations by presenting a 90 minute session, and then facilitating two 2-hour breakouts on the topics.

Marian Pierre, Ed Robinson and Wilbert Sanders
Marian Pierre, Ed Robinson and Wilbert Sanders

There was a general consensus that electronic licensure is a key to better vetting, reduces fee leakage, allows for directing more focus on background investigations and reviews.  Other presentations from various state leaders and federal partners underscored the importance of working together, leveraging local fusion centers and the need for more throughput back from the FBI.

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