Firearms Refresher Training Policy and Procedure

LSBPSE Order 18-002 Firearms Refresher Policy

Effective immediately, the Board will accept a firearms refresher course, which takes less time to complete and can be done at a reduced cost, for a period of up to sixty (60) days—in full satisfaction of the firearms refresher requirement.


9 thoughts on “Firearms Refresher Training Policy and Procedure”

  1. Dear Fabian
    Troy Brooks instructor 564 of Dtc , I have 3 invoices that have not been paid by vets securing American. Please help me with this matter they avoid.

  2. How can i find out about my commissions from about 20+ years ago . Was wanting to go back to work as a security officer . My boss passaways years ago is there still a record of my firearm commision. My name has changed since then.

    1. Nothing form that long ago would still be valid. Visit the licensure portal, create an account and apply to the company with which you plan to work.

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