FBI, New Orleans police hope $50,000 reward brings results in case of slain Loomis armored truck employee

The State Board stands with the Loomis and McBride families in mourning the tragic death of Security Officer, James “Jimmy” McBride.

Slain Loomis Security Officer James “Jimmy” McBride. 

Mr. McBride was a recent transplant to Louisiana from Iowa where he previously worked in the armored car industry.

His death is yet another example of the senseless violence that New Orleans battles almost hourly. We at the State Board have often touted the fact that Private Security officers are unsung heroes who face the odds of a potentially violent encounter daily.

Loomis security officers are highly trained professionals. They train their staff above and beyond Louisiana state regulations. Nevertheless, fearless felons who are intent on ambushing unsuspecting victims pose a serious threat to public safety.

Our hearts go out to the men and women of this industry who share the same hopes and dreams of Mr. McBride. We will stay strong and vigilant for you and for our fallen hero Jimmy.

Rest In Peace Officer McBride <><


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