Beretta 9mm


Due to a recent, documented, accidental discharge of a weapon that occurred at a public facility, we are re-establishing, by Executive Order, the salient portions of LAC 46 Part LIX Chapter 4, Section 405(E).

LSBPSE Executive Order 17-002 Authorized Duty Weapons

It is imperative that all owners, QAs and firearms instructors familiarize themselves with this policy.  Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action by the State Board up to and including revocation of company, instructor and security officer licenses.


  1. Are striker fire firearms authorized. Are standard Glock type firearms authorized? Specifically Glock 17 and 19, 9mm full size and mid size models.

    1. Any safe action weapon, such as a Glock, Springfield Armory XD series or S&W, Walther etc., that is striker-fire safe action is suitable.

  2. As of today 5/20/17 has there been any changes to what firearms are approved that disqualifies a Glock 19 in 9mm?

  3. Mr.Fabian ,

    I know the state board does not regulate the use of a taser because is is considered a non lethal tool. I am a former officer and is taser certified , as long as it’s not restricted by the company and I have my cert on file is it illegal to carry as a security professional.

    Capt. Cmb

    1. We do not have any fidelity around taser use, and therefore it is up to your employer. If you have a certification, place it on file with them, and they may have to determine if their insurances cover your deployment of it.

      Fabian Blache III

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