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Fingerprint Fee Reduced to $48.00


This is a re-post from July 13, 2016:

In addition to not having to reproduce fingerprints on individuals who have already been printed for the LSBPSE after May 2011, the Federal cost to process fingerprints has been reduced by $2.75 cents.  This brings the total Fingerprint Fee from $50.75 to just:







The Board office is open.  We have established an Emergency Phone Line.  Additionally,  while our regular phones lines are up and running, we are unable to access them while we work out of our hearing room during the restoration phase.  We are taking calls on the 866-278-8080 line until more of our infrastructure is sorted out and brought back online.

Due to diminished capacity resulting from this disaster, companies are required to monitor the license expiration dates related to company, instructor and security officer credentials, as we are unable to produce and furnish 60 day advance notices while we gut and recover our facility and infrastructure.  We can provide lists for your officers to aid in knowing the expiration dates to facilitate maintaining compliance.

You may also direct faxes to 866-278-8080.

Know The Rules Before It’s Too Late

LSBPSE inspectors are out across the state conducting spot checks on various sites that employ the services of private security contractors.  The results of these inspections have resulted in an uptick in the issuance of CEASE & DESIST ORDERS from the State Board.  Avoid having your company negatively effected by assuring that your license is in order, and that your security officers are registered, trained and firearms certified, where applicable.

Failure to comply will result in fines, some of which can be rather significant.  It is easier and less expensive to be in compliance than it is to run a company outside the boundaries of state law.  Moreover, the ability to secure proper insurances can diminish in the face of actions taken against a company’s license.

If you have questions about the status of your organization with respect to regulatory compliance, call 225-272-2310 for assistance.

Bill signing of HB 582 and HB 197

HB 582 Bill Signing
Governor John Bel Edwards Signing HB 582 into law.

On June 16, 2016, LSBPSE Executive Secretary, Fabian P. Blache III, was on-hand at the bill signing ceremony during which HB 582 was signed into law.  See the WAFB Press Release listed below:


There are now stiffer penalties for people who assault officers in Louisiana.

Gov. John Bel Edwards signed a bill into law Thursday that makes it a felony to attack law enforcement with any kind of weapon.

Before the new law, aggravated assault on a peace officer only applied if the offender used a gun. Now, all weapons are included.

Rep. Katrina Jackson, D-Monroe, who authored HB 582, said a district attorney in her area brought some of these cases to her attention, including one where officers were attacked by a man with an axe. The suspect only faced a misdemeanor.

“If someone attacked me as an everyday citizen, it’s aggravated assault,” Jackson said. “But if you attack a peace officer without us expanding the law, then it was just a misdemeanor. So it became very important because I think we should protect those who protect us.”

The governor also signed HB 802 into law which reduces the time inmates have to wait before they are eligible for parole, and rather than requiring a unanimous vote from a parole board to be released, they only need two-thirds majority.

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Private Security Officers as First Responders

imageWhen the public thinks of First Responders, they often discount the fact that private security officers are the originating First Responders. Police, Fire and EMS are not first on scene of an event as often as the Private Security Officer—in the natural flow of an emerging situation.

Perception is reality, but only in the absence of communication.

The private security industry has within its power the ability to shift the paradigm and perception of the public. Here at the LSBPSE, we are committed to assisting our industry in doing just that. Private security officers and the public at large, are often the first and convergent responders to an incident. It is the security industry and the public who typically make notification to municipal and parish first responder services, such as police, fire and EMS.

The LSBPSE is developing a very brief survey to see if the industry would like (and would benefit from) the development and offering of FREE training, conducted regionally, to address emerging trends, techniques and areas of focus for our security officers who are on post.  This is a value added service to achieve our mandate to give credit for continuing professional education (L.R.S. 37:3274).

Let’s not allow misconceptions shape our reality.

As business owners, and employees, we all know the harsh realities of being the boots on the ground response force, whether it’s be in a small, medium or large setting. Help the LSPBSE educate the public, as we seek to gather and share stories that demonstrate how a great many of our licensed officers are truly unsung heroes!